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Our new living room

Our new living room

This room still needs a fair bit of work! 

All of the record area cupboards are made from our old Besta units, with new doors added by us. The tall cupboards are Ikea kitchen units and we reused lots of our drawers internally.  

Plywood by Hanson Plywood Contact them for a price (discounted - we bought A LOT!) 

Ceiling lights Enamel Shades £48 (*discounted) 


Cork flooring by Colour Flooring £44/m (discounted - again we bought a lot so we got a trade and volume discount) 

Sofa is Ikea - half from Facebook marketplace and half ex display from the Ikea clearance section!  

We prettied up the sofa with some Pretty Pegs legs, €66 for 4 legs (*gifted)

Rug Ikea 

Cushions were from H&M and This Modern Life 

Yoko Cushion This Modern Life £35 

Smile poster by  Nick Cranston 

Table is by Plyconic 

Wall Light is Apple 

Jimi Hendrix painting is by our friend Andy from @Buzzbox_box_studio 

TV is LG OLED (*gifted) 

Wall Stickers This Modern Life 

Washi Tape This Modern Life 

Holdie House This Modern Life 


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