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Discounts and Free Shipping

Do you have any discount codes or offers for new customers? 

We offer a clear pricing policy, we don't offer discounts or new customer discounts when you sign up to our emailing list. 

Why not? 

Well, for a start we don't try to constantly sell you stuff via email, so we don't need to give you an incentive to receive emails from us. Inboxes are clogged up enough these days, we only want people to receive our email because they enjoy reading it, not because it gave them a few quid off an order.

But there are many other reasons: 

As online shoppers ourselves we find it infuriating to place an order and receive an email a day or two later offering 20% off, with a clear pricing policy we avoid this issue and you know the price you pay today is the price you'll pay tomorrow too. 

Constant discounts are crippling for small businesses. Large companies buy products in with the intention of selling them at a discount, so they can afford to do it all the time. We can't do that, and we still want to be around in a few years so we don't intend to spoil things!

We don't make huge profits, or pay ourselves big salaries. All of the money we make is put into improving our service, staffing and buying more beautiful products!  

So do you ever discount? 

We do have sales to clear out old stock, we offer good discounts on these products and we usually take them offline for a few weeks before the sale so that you're not buying them at full price before the sale. 


Do you offer free shipping?

We do offer free shipping on orders over £50.