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Our new bedroom and ensuite

Our new bedroom and ensuite

We don't have enough photos of this room! 

We changed the plans slightly for this room to give us a bigger bathroom and then we decided to keep the bathroom open to the bedroom as the space just feels so lovely and big. 

I will write a proper post about this soon when I have some more time, but here is where we got everything: 

We made the bed using pureglue Plywood by Hanson Plywood Contact them for a price (*discounted - we bought A LOT!) 

Cork flooring by Colour Flooring £44/m (*discounted - again we bought a lot so we got a trade and volume discount) 

Bedding is from John Lewis quite a long while ago in the sale. 

The long runner on the bed is a baby wrap by Didymos and the other snuggly thing is one of my pocho shawl things 😄

Cat - Grey is one of our burmese fur babies. The other one is called Brown 😆

Sleep wire sign by Flat Chance, £2.50 per letter.  

Wall hanging by Moo And Boo (*gifted) 

Light switches from Swtch from £45 (*discounted)

Ceiling rose by Enamel Shades £55 (*discounted) 

Light bulbs from Screwfix £6.99 each 

Bedside hanging lights by Ferm Living £79 (*gifted. We can order these for you - drop us an email) 

Lampshade from Origami Est (*swapped with products from TML) 

Wallpaper from This Modern Life £65 

Chest of drawers are Ikea kitchen drawers which we reused. 

Light String from Origami Est (*swapped with products from TML) 

Just Keep Going sign Cotton Clara (*swapped a while ago with TML products) 

Adult Luggy from This Modern Life £99

White wall paint Lakeland Paints £53.22/5 litres


Bath by Lusso Stone £1295 (*discounted) 

Bath taps by Lusso Stone £495 (*discounted) 

Basin taps by Lusso Stone £235 (*discounted) 

Shower by Lusso Stone £495 (*discounted) 

Basin by The Poured Project (*swapped with TML products) 

Water softener by Harvey Softeners to keep our new taps and sinks limescale free (*gifted)

Drawers are Ikea carcass covered with ply, as above. 

Drawer knobs by Pretty Pegs (*gifted)  

Toilet Roll Holder by Ferm Living (*gifted)

Tiles by BC Ceramics, I can't remember the price! 

Lights by Astro Lighting (*gifted) 

Wall Hooks by Pretty Pegs (*gifted) 

Plywood on walls as above, using 7mm boards. 

Toilet by RAK from Soak £179.99 (*gifted)  


* Some of our products were gifted or discounted - this is because I approached the companies and asked for a discount in exchange for some Instagram stories etc. I ONLY asked for products I wanted to use and didn't have any random companies approaching me for me to use their products. We had a teeny tiny budget and some of the finishes wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't had a little help! 



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Sarah - May 5, 2019

Love this room!! Thought you guys were fab on the programme too.

Can I ask where you got the white tall set of drawers from with the rainbow handles? I noticed you had them pre the make over/renovations and have now put them in your bedroom.


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