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Toy . Nesting Dolls - Fleur & Friends Toy . Nesting Dolls - Fleur & Friends Toy . Nesting Dolls - Fleur & Friends


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Suzy Ultman  .  Set Of 5 Nesting Dolls  .  Fleur & Friends 

Gorgeous set of 5 nesting dolls, these are a modern take on traditional Russian dolls. We love that each doll has their own individual retro style. Designed by Suzy Ultman, who's work we absolutely love - the dolls are beautiful design mixed with fun in perfect quantities.

We like them as a display piece as much as we do a toy for kids!  

Design Tips: 

 Ideal to display in a modern baby nursery, they look great on a shelf or window sill. 

 Lovely on a shelf on the wall, or on the floor being played with! Kids of all ages will appreciate this toy. 

 We love these little princesses out on display in the home! Line them up on a shelf or fireplace. 

 Perfect as a small gift for kids.  

Suzy Ultman  .  Set Of 5 Nesting Dolls  .  Fleur & Friends 

Size of the dolls:
14 x 6.5 cm
10 x 5 cm
7.5 x 4 cm
5.5 x 3 cm
3.5 x 1.8 cm
Good To Know: 
Each doll has a graphic pattern, due to the curved shapes of the dolls and straight pattern of the design some imperfections may occur.
These dolls are made of chinese hard wood, some knots may occur due to the character of the wood. They are painted and made by hand, which makes each doll unique. Small imperfections are unavoidable.
Not suitable for under 3s.