Toy . Car Track / Black & Natural
Toy . Car Track / Black & Natural Toy . Car Track / Black & Natural


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Kids Concept Toy . Car Track / Black & Natural


Toddlers and children will love playing with this black and natural wood car track. A fun way to help develop your child's fine motor skills whilst occupying them for ages. When cars are released from the top, or anywhere on the track, they will race down. Kids love experimenting with more than one on the track, and watching them topple down and change direction when they get to the end of each line of the track.

This handmade wooden toy would make a lovely gift for a little one.


Design Tips:   

A lovely addition to any playroom or bedroom.  

A toy that's always popular and entertains a wide age range. A real safe bet for a gift.


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Made From: Painted Wood.
Packaging/Shipping:  Packaged in a cardboard box. 
About This Brand: 
Kids Concept is an established Swedish brand that offers unique, original concepts and designs. We love their simple, unfussy wooden toys that allow for lots of imaginative play.