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▲ Corona / Covid-19 Update ▲


We are still open! We are shipping as usual, please bear in mind the information below:


▲ Our warehouse are experiencing a lot more orders than usual, whilst enforcing safe practice, so your order might take a day longer than usual to dispatch. 


▲ Royal Mail are overwhelmed, parcels are up at least 40% and they have many staff isolating - the staff are heroes and are cracking on as quickly as they can, but with more parcels and less staff, delays are to be expected - we are finding some things delivered on time, some taking over a week extra - it depends on the area. 


 Royal Mail aren't scanning your parcels until they're ready to move them. This means your parcel will say 'sender dispatching item' until they're able to move it. If we've sent you a shipping email, your parcel HAS left our warehouse, there's just a delay in it being scanned. We're seeing a lot of parcels having their first scan / tracking update and being delivered the same day. 


▲ We've noticed a longer delay in international orders, so if you're ordering from outside the UK your order might take quite a while longer than usual. If you can buy the item locally instead we'd recommend that for now! 


▲ For now we're not able to make any changes to orders once they've been placed - this is because it's extra admin for the warehouse and we need to let them just crack on with picking and packing orders. Please bear this in mind and make sure you've ordered everything you need!  


▲ Please don't contact Royal Mail unless you really need to, they are already swamped and can't tell you any more than the tracking link can! 


All precautions are being taken in the warehouse. Crates are completely washable so they can be washed down when you receive them. 


Take sensible precautions and stay safe ♥︎