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Our new dining room

Our new dining room


 So here is our new dining space - I will write much more about it soon, but for now here is a list of where to source everything!


* Some of our products were gifted or discounted - this is because I approached the companies and asked for a discount in exchange for some Instagram stories etc. I ONLY asked for products I wanted to use and didn't have any random companies approaching me for me to use their products. We had a teeny tiny budget and some of the finishes wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't had a little help! 


75cm Table Legs by Tiptoe fr €64.90 (discounted)

Beech stools by Tiptoe fr €99.17 (discounted) 

Botanical print by Wonder & Rah £50 (loaned) 

Plywood by Hanson Plywood Contact them for a price (discounted - we bought A LOT!) 

Cork flooring by Colour Flooring £44/m (discounted - again we bought a lot so we got a trade and volume discount) 

Sitges rainbow cushions This Modern Life £32 each 

Sahara beanbags This Modern Life £76.50 each

Light switches and plug socket from Swtch from £45 (*discounted)

Wall lights by Enamel Shades £55 (*discounted) 

Light bulbs from Screwfix £6.99 each 

Ceiling light by Ferm Living £79 (gifted. We can order these for you - drop us an email) 

Wall planner by Gayle Mansfield (*gifted) 




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Alicia - May 29, 2019

Hi , I loved the make over, it was a great transformation and you have a great eye. I have been looking at cork flooring and wondered how it has faired so far since you have had it down. Was it easy to lay as well? I used cork tiles many years ago before this type of floor was available so would be interested to know how well it works an d how easy it marks etc.


Grace - May 1, 2019

The house looks fabulous- the plan was great but this is better – warmer, i’d love to know which other paint colours you used in addition to bea x

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