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Our Lundby Dolls House

We bought Dixie this Lundby Dolls House for her 2nd birthday last year - well, it was for all of us really! I wallpapered it at the time with some mini versions of the wallpapers that we sell, but that was about it - I ran out of time to create all the miniatures I had wanted to. The kids played with it a bit but not as much as I'd hoped. I recently decided to spend a couple of days cracking on with it and making all of the miniatures that I'd been meaning to... And this is the result! 


I made a mini version of the kids house bed (which you can see in full here) using foam board from a craft shop. 

The miniature bedding blanks were made for me by a WAHM (I cannot sew... at all) and my sister and I painted the patterns on with fabric paint and a very tiny paintbrush! 

The lovely Coral from Velveteen Babies (one of our brands) sent us the super cute cloud mobile. 

We just had to include some of our letter banners! I used a Sharpie to colour some small alphabet stickers from the art shop, then drew lines between them to create the banner effect. 

The living room furniture was from a job lot I found on eBay, painted with acrylic art paint. 

The kitchen chairs are from this Lundby set, and my sister/colleague Sam painted them with acrylic art paint. The little buckets and mini hoover were from Four Little Walls who I found via Instagram. 

We used full size Ferm Living Half Moon wallpaper on the roof. 

The kids and their friend Batman (AKA Hana) love playing with it! 

For now it will live in the play room and be inhabited by Sonny Angels and Sylvanian Families! 

Thanks to Andy from ARH Photography for the photos. 

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Emma Greenough - November 23, 2018

Hi there!

I love this and am going to do something similar for my daughter. I’m going to buy the wallpaper samples, but just wondering how many packs you think I would need?

If you could let me know, it’d be amazing!

Thanks so much :)
Emma x

Amanda Jensen - September 29, 2018

I love you dollhouse. Would you please send me pdf of wallpaper template.


Anita - November 9, 2017

I had this exact house when I was younger I’m just praying my auntie hasn’t thrown it away as I would love to do it up for my daughter. What wallpaper did you use? Thanks x

Sarah - October 3, 2017

I’m renovating my old dolls house for my daughter, I tried downloading the PDF wallpaper but it’s no longer available! Do you know where I can find it? Thanks x

Lianne - March 28, 2017

Hi there! Absolutely love your dollhouse! I’m about to do up my girls Smaland as wel as she decided to draw and write on it eeeekk! What kind of glue did you use for the wallpaper? And does it wear well? Also, would you be able to send the wallpaper files? I can’t seem to find anything online! Thanks heaps xx

Delphine - February 16, 2017

Hello, that house looks so sweet and inspiring. I’ve just bought my five year old a Lundby smaland house for her birthday. Is there any chance you would be able to send or that I could buy the PDF printable wallpapers?
Delphine :)

Franzi - February 6, 2017

Hey, that house looks amazing. I would like to renovate my dollhouse too so I am searching for these wallpaper. Is there a chance you could send me the pdf? Would be so lovely!
Greetz from Germany Franzi

Louise luke - January 23, 2017


You very very kindly said you send me a PDF of the wall paper you have so I can do up my little girls doll house.

Would you like me to request specific ones ?

Thanks sooooo much

Louise xxxxx

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