You can read all about the house bed we built for Sammuel and Dixie's new bedroom in part one of this blog post, here
We were torn between a monochrome or colour theme in Sammuel and Dixie's shared bedroom. In the end we decided to paint the walls and the house bed white giving us a blank canvas to let loose with a bit of everything! Working with a neutral base makes it easy to introduce colour/pattern and texture when and where you want it. It's also easier to change when you fancy something different!
Our vision was create zones within the room for nappy changing, clothes storage, reading and sleeping, as well as leaving plenty of room to move around and play. The house bed would take centre stage and give Sammuel and Dixie somewhere to sleep and also a little hideaway space each. Dixie has just turned 2 and shares our bed, so for now her bed is just a little sanctuary for her, but when she's ready she'll sleep in there too! 
The wardrobe was the second largest piece of furniture in the room and after stalking a few on eBay we won it for £5! It doesn't look much in the auction picture but with a little imagination it scrubs up rather well. Mixing up thrifty pieces with more expensive items breathes life into the room and is good if you're watching the pennies.


We cleaned, sanded and painted the wardrobe a lovely bright mint green (using Eco Organic Paint for wood). It contrasts really well with some of the more modern pieces and it's vintage look gives the room a really warm feeling. It's great storage for the children's clothes and they love the original key that locks the door (we've had to tie it to the handle with string!) 



We created a little bedtime reading spot next to the wardrobe with a small doodle drop shelf for books, and a Farg Form play mat and piles of cushions for a relaxed, cosy little place to cuddle up. The kids love to 'rearrange' the cushions! We can choose whether to have all of the cushions out or we can pop them away into a Ferm Living laundry basket if the room is feeling a bit cramped! 



We needed a changing area for Dixie (which tends to be the floor) so put up small low Sebra wall shelf for easy access to nappies and wipes. The Farg Form changing mats are no ordinary mats - they are actually pretty cool! So ours is on display and hangs neatly out the way on one of our super stylish Normann Copenhagen drop hooks.
Once all the furniture was in and areas were defined we put up posters, prints, postcards, wall hooks and wall stickers to tie all the colours in the room together. The pink cat fur & glasses poster works beautifully with the mint green of the wardrobe and the Pirum Parum complements the pastel bright cable lights perfectly. We used neon triangle wall stickers from Ferm Living on the floorboards which look great! they lead into the room and then up the door.
So there you have it - one shiny new bedroom for two! If you'd like to see all the lovely things we used to decorate check out our inspiration board here


Nini :

Interesting. Where did you buy the carpet on the floor?

Dec 28, 2017


Looks wonderful! and so lovely to see my baskets in their new home, thank you xx

Sep 08, 2014

Sarah Gee:

I love it! Really like the use of colour and the house is amazing! :)

Sep 05, 2014

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