Wash Bag  . Verona - Black Diamonds

Nobodinoz  . Wash Bag  . Verona - Black Diamonds   

We are loving bags within bags lately and think this mini oil cloth storage bag is just fab. Ideal for baby essentials, or make up, when you’re out and about and its bold print can easily be spotted in the nappy bag. 

We use different sizes and patterns to hold all our essentials then just transfer from handbag to nappy bag depending on the outing. 


  This gorgeous little bag is the perfect size for looking after your phone!


Nobodinoz  . Wash Bag  . Verona - Black Diamonds 
Size:  Length: 18cm. Height: 9.5cm. 
Care: Cold hand wash. 
Made From: 100% oil cloth 
Made In: Barcelona 
Designed By: Nobodinoz 
About This Brand:  Nobodinoz is a group of stylish Spanish designers specialising in bold bright prints. We love their funky designs.