Wall Hook . Set of 3 - Arcs / Yellow
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Adonde .  Wall Hook  .  Set of 3 - Arcs / Yellow


This set of arc hooks is definitely a different way of hanging clothes, accessories and prints! 2 arcs and a full circle hook comes in this set. Their shapes make it easy to grab clothes off when you're in a hurry!


Design Tips:  

 Why not use the arcs for hanging towels, muslins, or blankets.


Adonde .  Wall Hook  .  Set of 3 - Arcs / Yellow
Size:  Length 14 / 19 / 26cm
Instructions: Easy to assemble, you will need 5mm screws when fixing it.
Made In: France.
Designed By: ¿adónde?
About This Brand: 

¿adónde? is a french label behind a spanish name that causes confusion but where everything is french.

Their designs are minimalist and focused around the table. ¿adónde? respects the environment which specifically means producing locally, using recycled materials or materials that respect the environment -- when one of their plates is broken, it goes back to being a stone in nature.