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Wall Hook . Flamingo

Wall Hook . Flamingo


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Rice DK  .  Wall Hook  .  Flamingo


Something a little different to hang bits and bobs on! A quirky, detailed flamingo in vibrant shades to place on the wall.
Made from a study resin to hang a reasonable amount of weight, such as jackets, hats and scarves. Or use them to hang decorations,  we like them with the Happy banner or a pompom light string


Design Tips:  

 Great for hanging banners and coats on, adding a burst of colour on a white wall.  

 Add these funky flamingos in all corners of the house! In the bathroom for hanging towels, the kitchen to hang tea towels, or in the hallway for scarves!

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Product Info

Rice DK  .  Wall Hook  .  Flamingo

Length 14cm, width 6cm.

Good To Know: You will need a screw to attach it to the wall.
Made From: Resin.
About This Brand: 

RICE is a Danish home wares and accessories company. They are known for their colourful melamine, handmade baskets and storage.

Their designs are inspired by “the good old days” and are very “down to earth” with lots of detail. They hope to colour you happy when you are washing, cleaning, baking and relaxing in your home.

They have a big heart and strong social ethics. They support Global Compact, and they are the first Scandinavian company certified by the SA8000 standard, based on their projects with suppliers around the world.