Toy . Wooden Drum - Diamonds & Triangles / Black & White


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Magni Toys .Toy . Wooden Drum - Diamonds & Triangles / Black & White

This black and white toy drum with a diamond and triangle harlequin style pattern and silver metal detail is complete with a strap and drum sticks.

Not only is it the perfect energy vent for any little noise-o-holic or budding rock star, it is gender neutral, and with its simple black and white harlequin pattern, it slots in pretty well to any room in our home.

Looking for a little something for the rest of the band? Find the perfect accompaniments here.

Design Tips:  

 Makes an excellent gender neutral gift

 Perfect for a one man band, or mix it up with other instruments in the playroom.

Magni Toys .Toy . Wooden Drum - Diamonds & Triangles / Black & White
Size:  Height: 15cm, width 22cm.
Good To Know: Wooden drum sticks included. Ear plugs may be needed!
Safety: Suitable for ages 3+.
Made From: Painted wood and some metal parts.
About this brand: Magni believe we owe our children a magic and playful world. Magni is a Danish toy brand that puts good materials and high quality first, ensuring that all children can grow up with safe toys. Magni means strength and originates in Nordic mythology. Magni was the son of Thor and the giant woman Jernsaxa