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Toy . Trabant - Pull Back / Die Cast

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Toy . Trabant - Pull Back / Die Cast


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Magni toys . Trabant - Pull Back / Die Cast

Super cute in every possible way, these miniature Die cast metal Trabant models come in 3 delightful pastel shades. We love the detail of the opening doors, steering wheel and simulation alloys on these little cars.

Great for the mini collector and for play races. Simply pull back the car and watch it whizz forward...Go go go!


Design Tips:  

 Create a unique feel in the modern kid's room by having one or more of these on display, or put things to the test in any play space with an adventure rug.

 Keep things neat at home with our adult friendly and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions. We especially love our storage bags which work perfectly for bits and bobs when on the go.


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Product Info

Magni toys . Trabant - Pull Back / Die Cast
Size:  Length 9cm, width 5cm, Height 4cm.
Made From: Metal and plastic.
Good To Know: Suitable for ages 3 plus.
About This Brand:  Magni believe we owe our children a magic and playful world. Magni is a Danish toy brand that puts good materials and high quality first, ensuring that all children can grow up with safe toys. Magni means strength and originates in Nordic mythology. Magni was the son of Thor and the giant woman Jernsaxa.