Toy . Toaster - Dotty / Black & White


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Magni Toys Toy Toaster  .  Dotty  -  Black & White

We love this little toaster as a cute addition to any play kitchen. It features 2 little toast to fit into the slots of the black and white dotted toaster. Pull the lever slowly to lift the toast out, or for the satisfying PING of flying toast, pull the lever a bit harder!

It certainly complements our Kids Concept Kitchen well, or why not add a little something healthy to the mix for play-time breakfast, with our range of play fruit or vegetables?


Design Tips:  

 Have your little one help out in the kitchen, or let them put their imagination to work in the playroom or around the house. 

Magni Toys . Toy  .  Toaster - Black & White
Size:  Length 13cm x 10cm.
Safety: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Made From: Wood.