Toy . Tape Measure . Animals
Toy . Tape Measure . Animals Toy . Tape Measure . Animals Toy . Tape Measure . Animals
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Is your little one curious about the animal kingdom, a budding scientist or just an animal lover? Help your little ones understand the size of animals with this lovely tape measure. Let them see the size of 50 different animals, from the biggest to the smallest. See how your little one's measurements compare to a tiny gold frog or even the Komodo Dragon! Ignite their imaginations with this beautifully illustrated tape measure which also has the metric units to 300cm.


Design Tips:  

 Your little one could carry their tape measure around in their pencil case or bag. 

 It would make a lovely gift for anyone big or small! 


Miscellaneous  .  Toy  .  Tape Measure . Animals
Size:  Length 300cm.
Care: Gently wipe clean.
Made In: Peckham, London.
Designed By: Veronika. 
About This Brand: 
Nose to Tail is a brand of educational & interactive products created by graphic designer Veronika Danielsson. Veronika grew up surrounded by forests and lakes in a remote part of Sweden – this is where a 1st grade school project about a crocodile eventually came to inspire the Nose to Tail Tape Measure when she was studying Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in London UK. All products are designed, produced and packaged by Veronika in her studio in Peckham, London.