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Toy . Guitar - 6 Strings / Harlequin

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Toy . Guitar - 6 Strings / Harlequin

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Magni Toys  .  Toy  .  Guitar - 6 Strings / Harlequin

We're a little in love with this beautiful Magni toys 6 string guitar- it not only looks the part, but can actually be tuned. This black and white Harlequin patterned guitar looks so stylish we might even suddenly be pretty cool about tidying up not happening.

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Design Tips:  

 Comes in a stylish presentation box- would make a great gift for any budding musician or noise-o-holic.

 A toy that looks as good as it sounds. Or maybe better, depending who's playing! It's great to have toys that you don't mind being left out because they actually look good laying on the floor in the living room!

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Product Info

Magni Toys  .  Toy  .  Guitar - 6 Strings / Monochrome Dots 
Size:  Length 65cm, width 22cm, depth 6cm.
Made From Wood.
Good To Know: The guitar is tuneable. Wipe clean only.
What Else: You might need some ear plugs. 
About This Brand:  Magni believe we owe our children a magic and playful world. Magni is a Danish toy brand that puts good materials and high quality first, ensuring that all children can grow up with safe toys. Magni means strength and originates in Nordic mythology. Magni was the son of Thor and the giant woman Jernsaxa.