Step Stool . Grey
Step Stool . Grey Step Stool . Grey Step Stool . Grey

Purill  .  Step Stool . Grey

We are absolutely in love with this fun step stool for kids to step on, sit on and play on. It's lightweight so you can carry it anywhere, anytime and light enough for kids to carry too. It looks so cute in any room but is also sturdy and built tough. 

Made with special attention to detail, this stool has a cute 'tail' on the top and feels smooth to touch. Available in other colours.

Design Tips:  


 This playful step stool has so many different uses.

 Is small enough to store underneath stables and in cupboards.

 Can be such fun for little ones to play with, improving their little skills.



Purill  .  Step Stool . Grey

Length 36cm x Height 26cm x Width 19cm.
Good To Know: Height of step from floor is 25cm.
Made from: High quality resin molding technology.
Made in: Italy.