Soft Toy . Monochrome Doll - Betty

Naked Lunge / Young Double  .  Monochrome Doll - Betty


Handmade soft toy by unique artist Young Double. Fit for a little queen, this monochrome soft toy is just calling out for a cuddle as it's the perfect size for little hands!

Image on the front, grey cotton on the reverse. 


Design Tips:  

 Perfect for a modern baby. 

 Stack up some dolls on a shelf in a monochrome kids room. 

 A great gift for a little person! We know plenty of adults that love them too. 



Naked Lunge / Young Double  .  Monochrome Doll - Betty
Size:  Height: 30cm Width: 8cm Depth: 8cm.
Care: Wash with like colours at 30 on a short spin. 
Made From: 100% linen / cotton cover (not removable). Polyester inner. 
Made In: Screen printed and handmade in Leicester. 
About This Brand:  Roxanna created the brand Naked Lunge in 2013 - with a name like that she was sure to get noticed! Via Instagram she gained quite a following, and her monochrome dolls and cushions have really taken off - we love her work!