Soft Toy / Cushion . Medium Ricestorm Cloud - Grey
Soft Toy / Cushion . Medium Ricestorm Cloud - Grey Soft Toy / Cushion . Medium Ricestorm Cloud - Grey


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Noodoll  .  Cloud Cushion  .  Medium Ricestorm / Grey


This cloud cushion is just so gorgeous. It's soft. It's snuggly. It's cute. It's AMAZING! We love it here - can you tell? Now in a new medium size which is just perfect for toddler cuddles! 
Anyway, it can be used as a cushion or cuddly toy. It has a little lightning bolt in one hand, because... well, why wouldn't it? 
Check out the giant cushion and wrist pillow too, which can be used as a toy or pillow for small travellers.

Noodoll  . Cloud Cushion  .  Medium Ricestorm / Grey
Size:  Height 22 cm Width 48 cm
Care: Machine Washable.
Safety: Don't let a baby sleep with a plush toy or cushion in their cotBritish Standards BS5852 and BS1425. Safe for baby and adult.
Made From: Rice and Noodles.
Made In: Hand-stuffed in the UK
Designed By: Noodoll is the brainchild of designer and author YiYing Wang.
About This Brand:  Noodoll is a fun, bold, design-led brand based in London. At the heart of Noodoll are a cast of characters, both mischievous and friendly in equal measure. Made out of noodles and rice, these playful partners appeal to children and adults alike. Customers often tell us that they'™ve fallen in love with the wonderful and unique world of Noodoll. We reckon that the potent combination of cheerful bright design, humour, honest quality, affordability and responsible manufacturing has this effect. What'™s not to love?