Snack Pots . Set of 4 / Panda
Snack Pots . Set of 4 / Panda Snack Pots . Set of 4 / Panda

A Little Lovely Company  . Snack Pots . Set of 4 / Panda

A set of 4 snack pots (the largest being ideal as a lunch box) which sit within one another for easy, space saving storage.

Use these to make lunch and snacks appealing even to the fussiest of eaters, or for storing small toys and entertainment- preferably within the matching panda bag!

These are not just for kids though- we've got our eyes on them too! Perfect for keeping snacking healthy with nuts, fruit and veg sticks on the go rather than reaching for the sugar!

A Little Lovely Company  . Snack Pots . Set of 4 / Panda
13 x 7 x 13cm, 12 x 6 x 12cm, 10 x 5 x 10cm, 9 x 5 x 5cm.
Made From:
Designed By: A Lovely Little Company : two very fun loving ladies: Judith & Nikki. Both lived in a big old house, not far from each other, and right at the top of the Netherlands, just on the edge, before you fall into the sea to England... One lady came all the way from Australia, the other "all the way" from Amsterdam ... and because these city girls sometimes (and only sometimes) found it a tinsy winsy bit dull and grey in this far-way part edge of the world, they thought that it was time for more PARTIES and more COLOR! Thus A Lovely Little Company was born to spread joy and cheer to the world.