Shelf . Wire House / Black
Shelf . Wire House / Black Shelf . Wire House / Black Shelf . Wire House / Black Shelf . Wire House / Black Shelf . Wire House / Black
Belmam .  Shelf  .  Wire House / Black


We love this simple but original wire house shelf. It's style is ideal for collectors of all sorts of trinkets, special items or anything you want to put on display.

It's a beautiful addition to any room and adds character to the whole interior when put on the wall or resting on a shelf.

This wire shelf also comes in other colours.


Design Tips:  

 Have this shelf as a centre piece on a wall with prints and frames decorated around it to form a lovely wall display in any room. 

 Great for your kids rooms for them to show off their collections of dinosaurs, trinkets, necklaces or Sonny Angels.  

 Keep your candles, cards, plants and anything you love on this shelf in the kitchen or bathroom. 

 Would make a great gift for the home. 


Belmam  .  Shelf  .  Wire House / Black
Size:  Length 31cm, width 21cm, depth 10cm.
Made From: Iron Wire, powder coated.
Made In: Poland.
Designed By: Isabella or Bela to her family & friends. 
About This Brand:  Isabella started her company using her husband's tools to create the decorative ideas she had for her daughter's room. The home accessories she produces took off through social media and it turns out that everyone wants lovely products for their homes and kids rooms. All Bela's ideas embody creativity, spontaneity and fun and are to be used to mix and match your interiors to create something beautiful.