Shelf Decor . Teeny Tinys / Mini Ghosts
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A Little Lovely Company  .  Shelf Decor  .  Mini Ghosts
A set of 2 friendly ghosts, who would just love to be part of a spooky shelfie! Style them on a shelf with some books and other treasures in the modern nursery or kids room. Brighten up your little display with a print or two and perhaps a garland. 
See what they look like all grown up - he is also available as a night light!




A Little Lovely Company  .  Shelf Decor  .  Mini Ghosts

Size:  4.4 x 5.5 x 4.6 cm.
Good To Know:  Not suitable for under 3s due to small parts. 
Designed By: A Lovely Little Company : two very fun loving ladies: Judith & Nikki. Both lived in a big old house, not far from each other, and right at the top of the Netherlands, just on the edge, before you fall into the sea to England... One lady came all the way from Australia, the other "all the way" from Amsterdam ... and because these city girls sometimes (and only sometimes) found it a tinsy winsy bit dull and grey in this far-way part edge of the world, they thought that it was time for more PARTIES and more COLOR! Thus A Lovely Little Company was born to spread joy and cheer to the world.