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Rug . Hopscotch Rug - Natural / Black

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Rug . Hopscotch Rug - Natural / Black

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KAOS  .  Rug  .  Hopscotch Rug - Natural / Black


KAOS Paradishopp is a fun, minimalist kids rug that encourages to play while helping kids develop their balance and coordination. 

We had a hard time finding kids rugs that were minimalist and monochrome. We always love a rug for the kids room that fitted into our modern homes. We were so pleased when KAOS developed the Paradishopp (hopscotch in Norway). The hopscotch rug is clean and easy to combine with other colours. Even though it's supposed to be a kids rug this hopscotch rug can easily be put in any room. The hopscotch rug works super in a hallway or in the kitchen too - who said doing dishes had to be boring!


Design Tips:  

 A lovely rug for the playroom, nursery, kids room, or your front room. 

 Kids will love playing hopscotch and jumping on this rug - great for their imaginations.

 It's the perfect rug for girls and boys. 

 A great gift for any stylish person. 


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Product Info

KAOS  .  Rug  .  Hopscotch Rug - Natural / Black
Size:  90cm width x 170cm length.
Care: Wipe with a clean cloth. Do not machine wash
What Else: Can be used outside or inside.
Anti-slip surface is recommended and must be purchased separately from your local provider of anti-slip surfaces.
Made From: 100% soft cotton. 
Packaging/Shipping:  Packaged lovingly by our team at This Modern Life. 
Made In: China/India.
Designed By:
Mette Bordal Hansen and Gineline Kalleberg
About This Brand: 
KAOS was launched in January 2015 by Mette Bordal Hansen and Gineline Kalleberg. They create products that combine 
aesthetics and functionality in a good way.