Doll's House . Shelf - Black
Doll's House . Shelf - Black Doll's House . Shelf - Black Doll's House . Shelf - Black Doll's House . Shelf - Black Doll's House . Shelf - Black Doll's House . Shelf - Black Doll's House . Shelf - Black Doll's House . Shelf - Black
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RowHouse For Design Ideas Doll's House . Shelf - Black


An iron house shaped wall shelf in mat black, complete with a staircase and separate 'rooms'. This can be used as a unique and space saving dolls house (that won't wobble over!) by adding some Rock and Pebble furniture and small dolls like our Sonny Angels or Rock and Pebble Wooden Dolls.

Alternatively, instead of functioning as a doll's house, this shelf can be used to display candles and small potted plants in an adult space, or why not use it as an unusual and interesting shelf for kids small toys, shelf decor and accessories?


Design Tips:  

We love the idea of collecting a mini 'street' for more than one child- each with its unique individual design inside and showcasing their personalities. Secure the small collection of house shelves on the playroom or bedroom wall for ultimate stand out amazingness!

A beautiful modern home gift for the interior obsessed. Adds interest to little blank spaces up along the stairs, in the porch or hallway etc.

A wonderfully unique way of showing off bits and bobs - perhaps a collection of washable nail varnishes for the kids room.


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Size:  36 x 9 x 59cm.
Care: Gently wipe clean.
Good To Know: Comes with hardware for wall mounting.
Made From: Epoxy coated iron.
About This Brand: 

RowHouse is a designer that has designed this item on behalf of Design Ideas.

Design Ideas are a brand that carefully select a collection of designers who take queues from everyday items. These designers shop at the same stores you shop at, listen to the same popular music, eat at the same restaurants, go to the same art museums, and read the same magazines. Then they sit down with their crayons and paper to draw up innovative home and office accessories that they think people would enjoy.