Print . Set Of 2 / Yay! - A3
Print . Set Of 2 / Yay! - A3 Print . Set Of 2 / Yay! - A3 Print . Set Of 2 / Yay! - A3

Meri Meri . Print . Set Of 2 / Yay! - A3

Stylish set of 2 neon posters with bright and upbeat prints reading 'YAY' and 'LET'S HAVE FUN TODAY.'

With their use of bright yellow, green, coral and orange colours, we love how these prints are gender neutral and suitable for such a wide age range. We're sure they would look fab in our own rooms too, or make an excellent gift for the modern home.

Design Tips:  

 A great gift for adults as well as suiting a babies nursery, or little adventurer's bedroom. These would look great pretty much anywhere around the house, cheering up any plain areas.

 We think these would look stylish against a white or light grey wall. Why not take a look at our other decorative accessories including some also from Meri Meri.

Meri Meri . Print . Set Of 2 / Yay! - A3
Size:  A3.
About This Brand: 

It began in Los Angeles, 1985 . . . Meredithe (who's childhood nickname was Meri Meri) sitting at her kitchen table . . . some scissors and pens, a BIG pot of glitter. Their first cards were made that way.

The magic began . . . Local Stationery stores in Los Angeles loved those cards and asked for more. One kitchen table and one pair of scissors wasn't enough. They needed lots of kitchen tables and an ENORMOUS pot of glitter.

The company grew from that little network of Moms working from home from Meredithe's designs and direction.

How it is now . . . They don't design on kitchen tables anymore. Meri Meri now work in studios in a 400 year old building, overlooking an ancient churchyard in a little town called Cheltenham, 1 hour west of London, England.

But they still have our scissors and our pens and all the glitter . .

These days Meredithe heads a studio of twenty designers and artworkers and Meri Meri products are sold all over the world.