Poster . Grid & Fur
Poster . Grid & Fur Poster . Grid & Fur Poster . Grid & Fur
Omm Design .  'Grid & Fur' Poster - White / 50 x 70


We absolutely love this quirky gentleman cat poster! The poster is a bright white shade - it's really beautiful in the flesh. 
We love the cat's inquisitive gaze, looking at the passing bird. It's the perfect addition to a baby's nursery. Or any room for that matter! 


Design Tips:  

 Perfect for a modern baby boy or girl nursery, it looks great in the Rice DK Coral frame on the wall. Fits in a standard poster frame, Ikea have a good selection.  


Omm Design .  'Grid & Fur' Poster - White / 50 x 70
Size:  H 70cm x W 50cm.
Care: For maximum longevity of rich colour avoid hanging the print in direct sunlight.
Packaging/Shipping:  Rolled in a protective card tube. 
About This Brand:  Omm Design