Poster . Fur & Glasses
Audrey Jeanne / OMM Design .  Fur & Glasses Poster


We just love this quirky kitty poster from designer Audrey Jeanne! Who doesn't love a cat in glasses though? 


Design Tips: 

 We love this big cat in a modern baby nursery - with a simple black and white scheme, adding some cotton ball lights and a DIY word banner with a cat related word or two! 

 Create an unframed gallery in a kids bedroom, using washi tape, wall stickers or just blu tac to fix prints, posters and postcards to the wall. 

 Puuurfect in a black frame in the living room, with a collection of other simple prints and posters. 

 A great gift for a cat lover! 


Audrey Jeanne / OMM Design .  Fur & Glasses Poster

Size:  H 70cm x W 50cm. Fits a standard poster frame, Ikea have a good selection. 
Care: For maximum longevity of rich colour avoid hanging the print in direct sunlight.
Packaging/Shipping:  Rolled in a protective card tube. 
Made From:
170g matte coated paper, offset printing.
Designed By: The young French illustrator and artist Audrey Jeanne has quickly made a name for herself with her sleek, quirky minimalist style and soft colours. Her designs can be found on both the posters and postcards
About This Brand:  OMM Design.