Poster . Tommy - 30cm x 40cm
Poster . Tommy - 30cm x 40cm Poster . Tommy - 30cm x 40cm
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Mini Kubo Poster  .  Tommy  -  30cm x 40cm


This lovely poster features the friendly green face of Tommy!  

A fun and quirky design, perfect for a gender neutral nursery or kids room. 


Design Tips:  

▲ This sweet design works well in a gender neutral nursery.

▲ This is a lovely poster for the modern kids room - why not use as part of a gallery wall. 


You can see the whole range from Mini Kubo here. 


Size:  30cm x 40cm, just under A3.
Made From:
Printed on 170gsm FSC Eco paper
Made In: Portugal.
About This Brand: 
Sara Machado is the artist behind Minikubo. With a background in illustration and surface pattern design, Sara’s passion for the children’s market, led her to the creation of Minikubo, a brand that celebrates individuality, diversity and a gender neutral lifestyle. Minikubo offers a home accessories line for kids and adults inspiring people to believe in their uniqueness.