Postcard / Mini Print . Für Neil Moon Man - A6 Black
Martin Krusche .  'Für Neil' Postcard / Mini Print  -  Black / A6


We absolutely love this quirky lunar postcard from designer Martin Krusche, which is dedicated to Neil Armstrong - the first man on the moon! The postcard is a deep, inky purple shade. A great print to frame on a wall, or simply an original postcard to send to a friend.
We've been desperate to stock it since seeing it in photos of Kerry from Seventy Tree's home! We love the moon's sleepy eyes, rosy cheeks and moustache. It's the perfect addition to a baby's nursery. Or any room for that matter!
Also available as a cotton bag, large poster, and black screen print.

Design Tips:  

 Perfect for a modern baby boy or girl nursery, it looks great in a white or silver frame on the wall. Fits in a standard small frame, Ikea have a good selection.   


Martin Krusche .  'Für Neil' Postcard / Mini Print  -  Black / A6
Size:  A6: Height - 14.8 cm Width - 10.5 cm.
Care: For maximum longevity of rich colour avoid hanging the print in direct sunlight.
Packaging/Shipping:  Packed in stiffened envelope. 
Made In: Berlin, Germany.
Designed By: Martin Krusche. 
About This Brand:  Martin Krusche is a talented illustrator and artist based in Berlin.