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Postcard . Alphabet A-Z - A6 / Individual Letters

Postcard . Alphabet A-Z - A6 / Individual Letters


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Naked Lunge  .  Postcard / Mini Print A6  .  A-Z


Awesome black and white mini print letters by unique brand Naked Lunge. Originally drawn in ink these printed letter postcards are a monochrome lovers dream! Use initials and frame them as part of a wall or shelf display or we think they make a brilliant name banner with a piece of string, ribbon or wool - neon cord adds a pop of contrast and colour. 

Printed on light card we suggest popping them in a stiffened envelope if you are posting as a postcard. The back is blank except for the Naked Lunge logo. 

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Design Tips:  

 Perfect for a modern baby, we love these postcards in the nursery - perhaps spelling out your little ones name. 

 Display in the kids room as part of a gallery on the wall, using wall stickers and washi tape to hold each piece in place. Mix up various sizes of postcards, prints and posters

 A great gift for a little person! They make a perfect present along with the matching dolls


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Product Info

Naked Lunge  .  Postcard / Mini Print A6  .  A-Z
Size:  A6 14.9cm x 10 cm.
Made From: Printed on light card.  
Made In: Britain. 
About This Brand:  Roxanna created the brand Naked Lunge in 2013 - with a name like that she was sure to get noticed! Via Instagram she gained quite a following, and her monochrome dolls and cushions have really taken off - we love her work!