Play Mat . Stripe & Cross
Play Mat . Stripe & Cross Play Mat . Stripe & Cross Play Mat . Stripe & Cross Play Mat . Stripe & Cross Play Mat . Stripe & Cross


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Wildfire Teepees  .  Play Mat  .  Stripe & Cross 


Our two favourite type of prints on one play mat - we couldn't contain our excitement over this beauty! One side a bold black and white stripe pattern, the other a monochrome swiss cross print. 


Design Tips:   

 The perfect play mat for a snuggly floor under a teepee or play tent. 

 Pile it high with some cushions, soft toys and blankets for a cosy reading corner. 

Babies love black and white so it's perfect for some tummy time while they focus on the contrasting colours and shapes.



Wildfire Teepees  .  Play Mat  .  Stripe & Cross 
Size:  Diameter: 120cm. 
Care: Fully machine washable.
Made From: 100% Cotton. 
Packaging/Shipping:  Comes in a matching storage bag - making clean up even easier!
Designed By: Wildfire Teepees.
About This Brand:  After being Inspired by the need to find kids toys that looked great and that they wouldn't mind sharing their home with, Lindsay made her first teepee for her son's 1st birthday. Following requests from friends and family to make more, Wildfire Teepees was born!