Plate  .  Bamboo - Dots
Plate  .  Bamboo - Dots Plate  .  Bamboo - Dots Plate  .  Bamboo - Dots
Engel  .  Plate  .  Bamboo - Dots 


These bamboo dining plates will look fab on the dining table, next to the party buffet or on a picnic rug.  Made from biodegradable bamboo with a yellow and peach circle design, they are stylish and durable and we just love them. 


Design Tips:  

 Mix and match with the rest of the Engel range for your next party.   

 Take a set of plates out into the garden for picnic and do it in style with one of the beautiful Roundie Towels from The Beach People.


Engel  .  Plate  .  Bamboo - Dots  
Size:  Diameter: 20cm. 
Care: Dishwasher safe. 
Good to Know: Suitable for hot food. 
Made From: Fully biodegradable bamboo.
Made In: Netherlands. 
Designed By: Engel. 
About This Brand: 

Engel all started with a case full of coloured fabric scraps and an old sewing machine. Sabien Engelenburg made the first flag bunting for her eldest daughter’s birthday’ and it has been used every year since. There is also special bunting for her hubby and for her youngest child, because every party needs to have its own decorations. 

The ENGEL. range has since been extended to include lots of other exciting products. They are made in Dutch and foreign studios where the principles of sustainability and social entrepreneurship are embraced. The creative designers that ENGEL. works with empathise with these principles.