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Hanging Decorations . Paper Honeycomb Bunting Balls

Hanging Decorations . Paper Honeycomb Bunting Balls


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Hanging Decorations  .  Paper Honeycomb Bunting Balls 


These bunting balls are great! Whether you want to hang them singly, display them on a surface, or make them into long bunting chains, they will add a splash of colour and texture to any room, and they are fun to make. They can also be used as wall decorations, just fold out halfway and stick to the wall.


Design Tips:

 We think they make a great customisable alternative to a ceiling mobile, just select a few colours and sizes and hang randomly from the ceiling.

 Create a big ceiling display in a kids room with paper pompoms, honeycombs and paper lanterns.

 We love these paper honeycombs hung in the corner over a sideboard, or even piled up in a big bowl as a decoration - they add a great texture to a display. 

 A perfect small gift - fun to make, and the small one fits nicely inside a greetings card! 


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Product Info

Hanging Decorations  .  Paper Honeycomb Bunting Balls 
Size:  Diameter: Small 12cm, medium 20cm, large 30cm.  
Made From: Paper, with a string tie. 
Safety: Please keep out of the reach of children, fix securely to the ceiling.
Instructions: Comes flat, remove the sticky dot covering and stick the two sides together, forming a ball. 
Good To Know: The bunting balls come with quite a short string. We like them hung on some beautiful twine, or some clear wire. Add the new string/wire before folding the ball.