Basse Bag . Natural
Basse Bag . Natural Basse Bag . Natural Basse Bag . Natural


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Olli Ella Basse Bag  .  Natural  


This classic seagrass tote is the perfect all-season, all-purpose bag. These handmade, lightweight bags work for a trip to the shops, market or even the beach!

These shoppers also work as a stylish storage solution: we think they would look lovely hung up on the wall of a playroom for storing card and colouring books. Why not grab a few and separate playroom essentials out into each individual bag?  


Design Tips:  

▲ Hang above the nursery changing table to keep all essentials easily accessible. 

▲ Use these on the wall of your kids room to easily store reading books.

▲ Pop a few of these up on the wall of your playroom to keep arts and crafts supplies tidy and organised.


You can see the whole range from Olli Ella here. 


Size:  Width 50cm, height 60cm including handle, height 40cm excluding handle. 
Eco Credentials: These make a great alternative to plastic bags.
About This Brand:  Olli Ella was founded on the idea that just because something is made for a nursery, it needn't look out of place elsewhere. Every piece in the Olli Ella collection is made for a child's space, but looks fabulous in grown-up spaces too. At Olli Ella they love to play with colour and design. Their collections give a wink to their travels abroad. While thy are admittedly a kooky bunch at Olli Ella, they are serious about quality. They manufacture all of their nursery products in England and Australia using the finest materials. And when they do import from overseas, they hand-pick supplies who are fair trade and share their ethos of quality and attention to detail.