Mirror . Cloud
Mirror . Cloud Mirror . Cloud Mirror . Cloud Mirror . Cloud Mirror . Cloud

A Little Lovely Company  .  Mirror  .  Cloud


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cutest kid of all? The mirror is made of silver acrylic (perspex) and is almost 20 times stronger than glass mirrors. The mirror includes a fun sticker set with three faces. Mix up the faces to create a variety of awesome expressions for someone to find.

This mirror looks great when you hang the cloud string light around it in your little ones nursery or bedroom. You can also combine it with our on the wall neon cloud light or the big cloud light.



 There are more mirrors in the A Lovely Little Company range - why not put a collage on the wall of all of them together.

  Would make a lovely gift. 



A Little Lovely Company  .  Mirror  .  Cloud

Size:  40 cm x 23cm x 0.3cm.
Good To Know: The mirror comes with a little hook so you can put it straight on the wall. 
100% acrylic (perspex)