Lightbox . DIY Symbol Set - Set of 85 Script Letters & Symbols
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A Little Lovely Company  .  DIY Symbol Set  .  Set of 85 Script Letters and Symbols / Black


Perfect addition to the A5, A4 and larger size light boxes if you need some extra letters on top of those provided, or fancy a different font. This set is 85 letters, symbols, hearts and images. See the image for exact quantities of each letter and symbol. Use with the other symbol sets if you'd like to include some images or different fonts on your light box, you can see the full range here


Design Tips:  

Spell out your baby's name in the nursery, a favourite saying, perhaps a superhero message - and change it as often as you like! 

Use words like 'PLAY' and 'READ' to define areas of the kids room. Let the kids decide what to write too - it's fun to see what they create. 

How about 'WELCOME' by the front door, or 'LOVE' in the bedroom? Perhaps a family message in the lounge or kitchen.  

These not only make a perfect gift, they are also ideal for parties! 


You can see the whole range from A Little Lovely Company here. 


Size:  For use with all of the A Little Lovely Company message lightboxes.
Instructions: Simply choose your letters and symbols, and push them into the rows. 
Safety: Not suitable for children under 3.