Lightbox . DIY Symbol Set - Set of 62 Animal ABC / Pastel
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A Little Lovely Company  .  DIY Lightbox  .  Set of 62 ABC Letters & Pictures


Pastel ABC's for the A5A4 and new larger size light boxes. See the image for exact quantities of each letter and symbol. This set contains 62 pieces, the full A-Z and at least one animal for each letter in various pastels. Some of them are wider than the standard letters / symbols. 


Design Tips:  

 Perfect to teach your little one their ABCs, and it looks great in a modern nursery. 

 Let older kids work out for themselves which animals go with which letters and see which ones they choose to display! 


A Little Lovely Company  .  DIY Lightbox  .  Set of 62 ABC Letters & Pictures

Size:  For use with all of the A Little Lovely Company message lightboxes, see the whole range here.
Instructions: Simply choose your letters and symbols, and push them into the rows. 
Safety: Not suitable for children under 3.