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Hydration Reminder . Blue

by Super8
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Super8  .  Hydration Reminder  -  Blue


Suit up: It's time to hydrate! The wrist band vibrates to remind your child it's time to have a drink. 

Did you know that 57% of parents don't think their kids are drinking enough water? That 6 out of 10 parents are concerned about their child's hydration? Or that only one 1 in 4 children drink the recommended 6 to 8 glasses of water a day?!

Dehydration, even if only mild, can cause tiredness, headaches, lack of concentration and reduced mental performance. That's where these ingenious hydration reminders come in!


▲ This handy wristband's timer and motion activation features ensure that vibration reminders are spaced out at regular intervals - every 1h 45 minutes. 

▲ Discrete vibrations mean that these are perfect for reminding kids to stay hydrated at school. 

▲ Auto-sleep mode when taken off for the night.

▲ Removable hydration timer fits securely inside sweatband zip pocket.

▲ No fiddly set-up - simply remove the battery tab and you're ready to go!


Hydration reminders are also available with matching bottles! You can see the whole range from Super8 here. 


Size:  Child size sweatband. 
Care: Sweatband is machine washable at 30 °c. The removable reminder timer is not waterproof. 
Good To Know: Replaceable battery. 12+ months life. 
What Else: Sweatband features internal name tag. 
Eco Credentials: 100% recyclable packaging. 
About This Brand:  Designed in the UK by parents, designers, scientists, innovators and optimists, the Super8 team aim to improve the physical and mental health of kids around the world. Their journey started in Birmingham in 2018 and they have continued to grow since then...whilst still holding down their day jobs!