SECONDS . Garland . DIY Kit - Stars
SECONDS . Garland . DIY Kit - Stars SECONDS . Garland . DIY Kit - Stars SECONDS . Garland . DIY Kit - Stars

Mimi Lou  .  DIY Garland Kit  .  'Stars' / Graphic Prints


This garland kit is great fun, and perfect to add a splash of colour almost anywhere! 
The 'do it yourself' range is a series of small garland kits, created by Parisian designer Mimi'Lou to add a touch a touch of colour, fun and design. 
This set includes 22 stars, in lots of different colours and prints. Simply fold them over a piece of string or wool (not included) and position the string with the dots.

Design Tips:  

 Use these stars like bunting, on a fireplace, under a large poster, or on some shelving. They also look great on a DIY ceiling mobile. We've used a set on a curtain pole above the window in our nursery, and they look fab along with the 'just a touch' star wall stickers

Mimi Lou  .  DIY Garland Kit  .  'Stars' / Graphic Prints
Size:  Each star is around 3 - 5 cm wide. Dots 2.5 cm.
Care: Gently wipe clean. 
What Else: You'll need a piece of string or wool.
Instructions: Fold each star over a piece of string or coloured wool (not included) and stick back to back with the other side. Secure your string with the two dots stickers included. 
Made From: Vinyl. 
Packaging/Shipping:  Presented in a plastic sleeve. 
Made In: France.
Designed By: Miriam Derville. 
About This Brand:  Mimi'lou was created in 2005 by Miriam Derville. Miriam started drawing animals and murals on childrens bedrooms - the kids loved them and their parents were eager for more. Miriam realised she could create the murals with adhesive tape and so Mimi Lou was born.  Inspired by the funny and tender world of children's drawings Miriam creates a poetic world where reading a book with her hippo, whispering a secret into the ear of a doe, or walking the butterfly are all possible!