Embroidery Rainbow - Wooden
Embroidery Rainbow - Wooden Embroidery Rainbow - Wooden Embroidery Rainbow - Wooden
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Ted & Tone Embroidery Rainbow  .  Wooden


This gorgeous rainbow is both a lovely decorative accessory and a special keepsake.

Made from sustainable wood, this wooden rainbow comes packed in a gift box with white yarn. There is enough space on the rainbow to embroider a name and birthdate - lovely to have on display in a new baby's nursery!

The set also includes a sample paper to give you some ideas and let you have a practise before you start on the real thing. 


Design Tips:  

▲ This is a beautiful finishing touch in a nursery.

▲ Kids will treasure this lovely keepsake as they grow older, and it looks just as at home in a kids room as it does in a nursery.

▲ Not just for nurseries or kids room, this is a lovely accessory . anywhere around the home. Why not embroider with your favourite short quote?!

▲ This makes a lovely gift for a creative friend, or why not embroider it yourself and then gift to a new baby?


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Size:  20cm x 32cm. 
Good To Know: Includes wooden rainbow, white yarn and sample paper.
Safety: This is not a toy.
Made From: Sustainable wood. 
Packaging/Shipping:  Comes packed in a lovely gift box.
Made In: The Netherlands. 
About This Brand: 
Ted & Tone was Esther's dream for years, and she now works in her own studio attached to her house where she lives with her husband, three daughters and cat. She is driven by a passion for illustrating and adding graphical patterns to beautiful bits and pieces that can be used in everyday life, as well as a conscious way of buying products that are made with love and care by a small business.