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Owl & Dog  .  Book  .  Flat Zoo


Owl & Dog Playbooks is an independent children's book publisher based in the UK.

Their unique books are designed to be read and used creatively. By exploring new and unusual formats, the books delight in the magical moments of discovery, a surprise you didn’t expect, so children can experience books in a new way. The books promote playing and learning, encouraging the interaction between children and their parents.

This book is about the joy of animals and it celebrates their differences. The book comes with with punch-out animal shapes which can be stacked up in different ways to make up each one of the characters. Read the story while you act it out with the animals! An awesome interactive crafty book.

Owl & Dog were awarded the Pirouette "One to watch award" at this the 2017 Dot to Dot London. We are proud to stock them on our site. 

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Design Tips:  

 A unique and memorable gift for some one to give. 

 Once punched out the Animals can be stacked on top of one another and can decorate your little one's room on a shelf.  



Owl & Dog  .  Book  .  Flat Zoo
Size:  Length 17cm, width 17cm, depth 2cm.
Good To Know: It contains 4 cardboard punch out animals.
What Else: An imagination... 
Instructions: Read and get creative.
Made In: The UK.
Designed By:
Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang at Owl & Dog. 
About This Brand:  Owl & Dog are a small independent company based in the UK. Their name OWL (the wise) represents reading and DOG (the boisterous) represents the playing side. We wonder whether you are more of an owl or more of a dog? Whatever you are you will love reading their unique books. They believe in books to play and toys to read.