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Shared bedroom by @Sharlene.home

Hello, I'm Sharlene from @Sharlene.Home and I'm so pleased to have been invited to show you round my home. I share my little two bedroomed house on the East coast of Scotland with my two mini red-heads; Ava (6) and Maisie (2). see blog post here 

Home is where we come together as a family to wind down; eating, sleeping, resting, playing. So it's always been important to me that home is an enjoyable and comforting place. This is where my real passion falls, and I'd love to show you some kid-friendly spaces I've created around the house:

We have the tiniest little hall you ever did see but there is a place for everything. Ava and Maisie are responsible for making sure their jackets, bags and shoes are put away when we come home. This helps us avoid any last-minute, missing shoe disasters! And it's incredibly sweet watching them help each other. I've added a banner from 'A Little Lovely Company' - I have these everywhere, they're so much fun!

I have this little corner in the kitchen where the girls can have breakfast while I run around doing all the boring mumma jobs! I like to let the kids be as independent as possible so we have some cups, tableware and cutlery at the perfect height for little hands to set their own places. Sometimes the girls sit here drawing and colouring while I make dinner. We can be together talking about their day, but they're out from under my feet while I cook.
Some of the amazing accessories in their mini space includes: A Yay Tray by Buddy & Bear

My favourite room in the house has to be my girls room, it's definitely my happy place! We had a little bit of a room makeover here and it's a much more calming, serene space.

I'm a firm believer in shopping small and love to support small, handmade or local businesses as much as possible. The girls room is filled with pretty things from some of my favourite makers that I've found on instagram. That's exactly how I first discovered This Modern Life! This Cloud Mirror is at just the right height for Ava to perfect her selfies.

Our Buddy+Bear cup makes a super cute planter for on our Crafted Pine Co Ice cream shelf. I love how pretty the natural woodgrain looks and it helps create a warmer feeling in the room.

Styled.By.Naomi makes these beautiful little pears. She custom made us a unicorn and pegasus, the attention to detail is incredible on these mythical creations!

I created this little reading nook in the room, we love to read together and this is the perfect space for Ava and Maisie to squish up for a bedtime story. Sometimes I'll find them reading to one another in here, it melts my heart.

I hope you've enjoyed the little peek into some of my favourite parts of our home and thanks so much This Modern Life for having us.

Sharlene xo