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This Modern Life Seconds Sale


A selection of our fabulous products with slight defects, gifted to us by suppliers, they may have been used in image shots for the website or items that we have randomly discovered in the warehouse - all at discounted prices. All still totally hangable, huggable and useful.

Sold as described, pictures are for illustration purposes.

Please read the description carefully before adding an item to your cart. 

Profits from lots of these products (almost all posters, and many other items) will be donated to UK Action For Refugees. In Feb 2017 we donated £1012.00 from the sale of seconds products - we'll donate every 6 months so keep on buying our imperfectly perfect stock :) 

UK Action for Refugees are a charitable fund working to support, and rebuild the medical infrastructure in Syria which has been destroyed by 6 years of war. Working alongside the Independent Doctors Association, they are rebuilding a special care baby unit that was destroyed in Aleppo in December and boosting the maternity and infant care facilities across Syria thanks to a partnership with Syria Relief. Mothers in Syria have the same hopes and dreams for the tiny lives they carry inside them but they need our help. Please help us to care for the 'other mother' and give her baby the gift of life. 


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