Blanket . Baby - Cross / Black On White
Blanket . Baby - Cross / Black On White Blanket . Baby - Cross / Black On White Blanket . Baby - Cross / Black On White


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Wildfire Teepees Baby Blanket  .  Cross  /  Black On White


This gorgeously soft, monochrome jersey baby blanket is an absolute must-have for your new baby.

You can never have too many blankets with a baby or toddler around. They are perfect for swaddling or tucking up a little one for nap time in their cot, but are also great comforters for snuggles in the pram or on the sofa!

This little blanket also happens to go perfectly with any interior - in gender neutral monochrome featuring black crosses on a white background, it works particularly well in a monochrome or muted tones nursery. 


Design Tips:  

▲ Hang this over the side of the cot when not being cuddled - it looks just as great when it's not in use!

▲ This is a lovely unisex gift for a new arrival. 


You can see the whole range from Wildfire Teepees here. In gorgeous monochrome designs, the entire range mixes and matches perfectly. 


Size:  102 cm x 76cm. 
Care: Machine washable. 
Made From: Two layers of super soft cotton jersey. 
Designed By: Wildfire Teepees. 
About This Brand:  After being inspired by the need to find kids toys that looked great and that they wouldn't mind sharing their home with, Lindsay made her first teepee for her son's 1st birthday. Following requests from friends and family to make more, Wildfire Teepees was born!