A mum has two very important jobs to do. One is to look after her children. 
The other is to do everything else as well. 

Mother’s Day is almost here and we finally get a chance to be spoilt, hand over the kids, and perhaps have a lie in – right? That is after you brought something for your mum, maybe your partner’s mum, the mother figure that you look up to and not forgetting something for the grandmothers (from the kids). 

My own mum has 4 children, she counts it as a good year if she gets 2 cards, 3 is the record so far! Actual gifts are a bonus. Recently mum (Alli) has come to work with me at TML, she's seen the Mother's Day cards and dropped some very clear hints about things she likes in the office, so I have absolutely no excuses this year! This is her and Sami, my sister and photographer / stylist at TML. 




It got us discussing here at This Modern Life about what we would choose and what we would be buying for others.    

The favourites to buy for our own mums include: 

  • Flowers
  • Going out for a family lunch
  • A White Company candle
  • Chocolates (Booja Booja were mentioned, if you haven't tried them - ask for some!)
  • Spa Treatments
  • Cards and Notelets


Our wish list for ourselves was a little broader:

  • Handbag 
  • Shoes  
  • Breakfast in bed  
  • Chameleon Pens 
  • A holiday  
  • A child free lie in  
  • A massage and/or spa day 
  • A housework free day  
  • My favourite flowers  


The question is how do we let our partners know what we would like? 😉 Perhaps a subtle note board with our wishlist or a more practical To Do list! 


                    To Do List £10, Heart Place Mats (Set of 4) £10.


                    Not surprisingly all of us would love to have some time to be freed up from the daily routine of tidying and washing up (although I must admit on my working days I do very little of that), to enjoy spending time either by ourselves (much needed for our sanity) or being looked after by our loved ones.  

                    Here are some of our gift suggestions, drop the hint to your partner, or just buy it for yourself! All mamas deserve a treat. 


                    For the new mum - Tiba and Marl Backpack and accessories:

                     Tiba & Marl bags £120/£130, Teething Necklace £15.95, Bangles £7.95, Print £25, Flask £17.


                     For granny (or for your own walls) - frame the kids artwork:


                    Frames A4 £15 / A3 £20, Wallpaper £55.


                    For the sleep deprived mum (isn't that all mums?) - create a calm haven for her to lie in, bring her breakfast in bed, just don't let the kids in too (unless you want to find bits of toast under the duvet for a week):


                     Magic Cushion £37.95, Alphabet Pillow £15, Alphabet Bottle £15.50, Melamine Alphabet Cup £9, Card £2.10, Heart Blanket £60.


                    For the mum who likes to be organised  - surprise her by tidying up the toys in these gorgeous baskets, wall pockets and bags: 


                    Yay Sign £25, Belly Baskets from £29, Teepee Shelf £18, Herman Bag £59.


                    For the sentimental mum  -  say it with words:


                    Lightbox £30, Card £2.10, Wallstickers £16, Lidded Pot £14 & Jewellery Dish £8.


                    Good luck with your Mother's Day hints, and let us know if you'd like any help deciding what to buy :)



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