Introducing Katharine Richardson - Creative Director @ war_agency - sharing her honest (and relatable) experience of the summer holidays and getting the girls ready to go back school.
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I don't know about you but in our house the 'back to school' feeling is mixed with relief we have survived the 6 weeks and trepidation of the new year beginning.

Every summer I imagine we will skip through lavender fields holding hands and then spend the afternoon making lavender pouches as part of our arts and crafts agenda. We will Instagram our happiness and our friends will wonder how we managed a summer of baking and outdoor joys with not a single iPad involved.

Of course the reality is my girls have spent most mornings screaming at each other over which TV channel they watch, my patience has been shot by 9am and I have generally had a glass of wine by 5pm just to steady the nerves. Sometimes I even put it in my 'Id rather be drinking prosecco mug' just to laugh at my own irony.

In all honestly though I quite like our chaotic family. If you ask my friends I am the most unorganised human known to man. I am the mum who always forgets the forest school clothes, the mum who never knows about the charity collection, forgets the date of sports day and the mum who always forgets the cakes for the bake sale (sometimes if I do remember 2 mins before the scrabble into the car for the school run I screech past the shop and pick up a packet of the homemade looking thing and shove it on a paper plate and wrap it on cling film ...ssshh) who wants to be perfect?

Despite my failings I start every September with the promise I will be organised. I will have labels on all their clothes, I will have children with perfectly organised school bags with the right stationary - I will I will I will! This is why I am in love with This Modern Life. I work in digital media, I am always looking for an easy way to do my organising online. And I make no apology for the time I spend trawling the pages of pretty things in the way I used to flick through pages of Vogue.

My absolute favourites this year are the animal pencil cases. Who the needs the over priced shop with the bright squiggly stuff that all parents dread being dragged into ( we all know what I'm talking about right?) I get no greater pleasure than buying my girls something that looks like it was made with love and care, it's made from cool cottons and the kids think they are so much fun they enjoying placing their newly sharpened pencils inside one by one. I love the bunny one so much I have one as a make up bag!!!

I also have such a personal crush on the Olli Ella luggy that I am going to treat myself before term starts! Imagine turning up to the school run with that beautiful basket full of home made cookies for the cake sale...the children smiling up at me in their perfectly ironed labelled uniforms ...well a girl can dream! 

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