Danny (aka daddy) is vacating his music room along with a collection of guitars, drum kit, mandolin, harmonica and other musical delights to a getaway bunker at the bottom of the garden. We suspect he'll crank the volume up and never look back! This gives us two brand new shiny decorating projects - YIPPEE! A bedroom for Sammuel (now 3) and Dixie Boo (18months) and a playroom for them both. There are so many wonderful ideas out there. We haven't settled on anything yet but thought we'd share some of our findings for shared rooms so far...



Sourced from Ferm Living 



Sourced from Camille Styles 



Sourced from La la lovely 



Sourced from Handmade Charlotte



Sourced from Rafa Kids



Sourced from Mommo Design


So, we've got a lot to think about! We'll keep updating the blog with our progress so you can check in and see how we select ideas, plan the space transformation, put the designs into practice and finally decorate. We'd love to hear from you if you've done a similar project? Especially if you have some before and after photos to share! Get in touch using the comments box below.




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