Fancy making these fabulous monochrome, personal and totally unique decoupage letters to celebrate Valentines day? This Modern Life will show you how!





Welcome to our DIY Valentines project! Here we'll show you step by step how to create your very own personalised set of decorative letters to celebrate the day of LOVE. These letters will stand proudly on a mantle piece, shelf, bookcase or hang them on the wall or up the stairs. We sell the whole alphabet, so if you fancy another word (a name or special place perhaps) you can order the letters you need. 



    Cardboard craft letters, £2 each from This Modern Life.
    Scissors (ours are from Southwood Stores
    PVA Glue
    Plain white printer paper
    A selection of photos (prints or digital)









Start by getting together a collection of your favourite photos. We're Pride and Prejudice mad so opted for pics of our favourite couple Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet! You might choose photos of your children, partner, wedding, holidays, pets... anyone or anything you love. If you're using photos (in the physical form) arrange them on an A4 piece of card (stick them down with blue tack to keep them in place) and scan them on a black and white setting. If you don't have a scanner you could take an overhead photo of them, crop the photo to A4 and print it in black and white. 

If you're using digital photos there are lots of programmes and apps that easily allow you to put together a photo montage/collage and transform the photo into a black and white image. Make the montage A4 size ready for printing. 

If you have a few photos it's good to make a coupe of collages/montages so that when you cover the letters the photos will be more varied. The more letters you use the more varied you'll want your layout and photos to be. 

Once you have your montage in black and white print it on plain white printer paper and make sure your print covers all of the page (or as much as you possibly can!)  You will need approximately 1 and 1/2 sheets for each letter. We used 6 sheets to cover L O V E. Grab your glue and brush and you're ready to go! 






Place your first letter face up and paint with a thin layer of pva glue. 






Turn it over and place onto the back of one of your printed montage pieces. Pick it up and smooth the front of the letter to make sure there aren't any big air bubbles. 






Now paint the sides and back of the letter with a thin layer of glue (you only need a little glue and can always add more - too much glue will soak the paper and make it prone to tearing). 







Next, gently fold the paper up to hug the sides of the letter. You will need to cut into the paper to make the folds. Cut away any excess paper as you go and keep the scraps to fill in gaps. Smooth the sides as you go and fold over onto the top. Use more glue where needed and be gentle as you pull the paper round to avoid tearing. Work around your letter covering all the surfaces and using the cut offs to fill in any gaps.





Do the same for the rest of your letters. Think about where on your montage page you place each letter to avoid repetition of images. To seal the letters you can paint the surface with a mix of PVA glue and water (2 parts pva/1 part water), this will give it a slightly glossy finish. Allow each side to dry fully before turning and sealing the other. If you prefer a matt look leave as is. 


Tah dah! You have your very own LOVE/Valentines day tribute. We'd love to see what you come up with - please share your letters with us here or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. We especially want to hear from anyone who goes for 'MARRY ME'! 











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